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Smart Thermostats Benefits

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Today, many pieces of valuable technology have advanced to become “smart”. There are smartphones, smart homes, smartwatches, and more, so it was only a matter of time before smart thermostats came around.

But what can a smart thermostat do that a regular home thermostat can’t? Are they useful and will they be beneficial to you?

The answer to all of those questions is yes!

Smart Thermostat Benefits

Check out these five benefits of a smart thermostat to see whether it would be a smart choice for your home. We think you’ll find the positives quite persuasive!

1. They’re “smart”

Smart thermostats learn from your habits, so they’re easy to program based on your history of behaviors. As your habits change, so do the functions on your smart thermostat. That means the smart technology works on a long-term basis, too, as your habits can change from season to season.

Suppose something seems out of the ordinary with the temperature at your home based on what your smart thermostat has learned about your preferences or your programmed temperature range. In that case, some devices will alert you to changes. As the device is accessible wherever you are, you can make adjustments as needed easily and efficiently without heading home to adjust the thermostat.

2. You’re in control – remotely

As long as you’re connected to your smart thermostat via your smartphone or another connected device and have access to WiFi or data, you’re able to program and adjust your thermostat no matter where you are.

Say an unexpected heatwave rolls through while you’re away. You can program your thermostat to go on shortly before you get home so that you’re returning to comfortable temperatures.

It’s a great option for those who run vacation rentals, as well, whether you have guests there currently or not. You may want to program your thermostat to turn on or off based on your vacation rental’s occupancy or to prevent adjustments from visitors. A smart thermostat allows you to keep temperatures wherever they’re programmed at a consistent temperature based on your preferences.

Woman Adjusting Digital Central Heating Thermostat Using Smart Watch At Home

3. It’s budget-friendly

The cost savings homeowners enjoy following their installations are one of the top benefits of a smart thermostat. Imagine the cost savings you’ll enjoy being able to adjust your smart thermostat in the most efficient way possible. If no one’s home, for example, you can even shut it off, saving those dollars for something more fun than heating and cooling your home inefficiently.

You can also keep temperatures in your home consistent based on suggestions from your smart thermostat, enjoying cost savings from avoiding having to adjust to major temperature swings.

The level of cost savings is based on a few different factors, like the size of your home, what you’re currently spending on heating and cooling in your home, and your personal preferences as to how warm or cool you like it. But you can expect cost savings no matter what, as your smart thermostat will be helping you become more energy efficient.

4. It’s energy-efficient

In addition to saving money on your energy use by turning your thermostat off while it’s not in use, your smart thermostat will also allow you to program based on a profile of maximum energy efficiency. That means you’re not only doing your part for your budget, but you’re also helping out the environment, as well.

You’ll be able to track your energy usage over time, potentially finding areas of improvement for how much energy is used in your home. As it’s a smart thermostat, you’ll have some built-in suggestions as to how to save energy, as well, and less likely to make human errors when you’re relying on the thermostat’s smart technology.

5. They’re easy to use

A smart thermostat is relatively easy to program, with clear instructions available for you to customize your smart thermostat to how you like it. Simple interfaces, smart technology, and visual controls all make smart thermostats easy to use.

Suppose you’re a bit more tech-savvy or like playing around with smart devices. In that case, a smart thermostat also allows you to dive a bit deeper into heating and cooling schedules, energy efficiency suggestions, and more personalized temperature settings. If you want a “home” mode and  “vacation” mode, for example, you can do that with your smart thermostat so that it’s not necessary to start over every time you need to adjust settings.

Even the more complex settings are still relatively easy to program, but your installation team is never far away if you have questions.

Hopefully you gained some valuable knowledge from this post. If you have any further questions or would like to have one of our technicians come out and give you a free quote, please feel free to contact us at 786-833-6886 or visit our website ACTL.COM


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