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Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Shape with These Common Repairs

actl group Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Shape with These Common Repairs

Owning quality air conditioning is a great luxury, but it comes with regular maintenance and unexpected repair service. Knowing which components of your air conditioning unit needs AC repair Fort Lauderdale, FL can help you save money and extend the life of your system, avoiding early system installation.

Having the right repair skills and tools can also help you avoid costly breakdowns, but it’s best to leave the most difficult repairs to professional heating and cooling service technicians.

To help homeowners stay on top of their air conditioning repairs Fort Lauderdale, Florida, here are the common parts that may need to be fixed or replaced.


The compressor pumps refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. If the compressor fails, your AC won’t work, so it’s important to get professional AC repair in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Pay attention to any signs of trouble, such as loud noises coming from the unit or decreased airflow. Compressors can often be repaired by a service tech but may need to be fully replaced if they have suffered major damage.

Air conditioning repair service from your trusted company can help detect and diagnose any potential issues with the compressor. Trying to fix your compressor without the right tools and experience can be dangerous and could cause more damage to your air conditioning unit Fort Lauderdale.

Condenser Coil

The air conditioning condenser coil sits outside and helps disperse heat from inside your house. If this coil gets dirty or clogged, your AC won’t be operated efficiently and will require professional air conditioner cleaning services.

Clogs occur when debris accumulates on the coil and blocks airflow. This can be easily prevented by regularly cleaning the coil and trimming trees and shrubs near the air conditioning. If your coil is already clogged, you can try to clean it yourself with a vacuum and soft brush, but contact a company for high-quality air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale, FL if the problem persists.

Sometimes, the condenser coils may need to be completely replaced if they are damaged beyond repair service.

Evaporator Coil

This coil is located inside your air conditioning and helps absorb heat from the air in your house before it will deliver cool, quality air through the vents. Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate on the evaporator coils, reducing their efficiency. Regularly changing your air filters Fort Lauderdale is one of the best ways to help prevent this issue and keep your system efficient.

If your evaporator coil is already dirty, try cleaning it yourself by unplugging the air conditioning and carefully removing the access panel. However, this process can be dangerous if not done properly, so it’s best to let the professionals handle it.

A professional company for AC repair Fort Lauderdale, Florida can also check for any signs of wear and tear that may require replacement.

Fan Motor

The air conditioning fan motor helps circulate cool air throughout your home by pushing it through the ductwork system. If your AC isn’t blowing as much cool air as usual or makes strange noises when it is operated, it might mean that the fan motor needs repair service or replacement by an experienced heating and AC service technician Fort Lauderdale.

It’s important to keep an eye out for any problem with your AC unit fan motor before it gets too serious. Homeowners can check for any visible damage or wear and tear on the fan motor, but a replacement and AC repair service should always be left to a professional to ensure proper operation of your AC systems.


The thermostat Fort Lauderdale is responsible for controlling how much energy your AC system uses so that you get optimal cooling with minimal energy consumption. It is also the one that regulates the indoor temperature to keep your space cooler and more comfortable.

A malfunctioning thermostat in Fort Lauderdale, FL can cause high energy bills due to inefficient energy use while not providing adequate cool in certain areas of your home. Replacing a faulty thermostat will ensure consistent cooling throughout all areas of your home without wasting excess energy unnecessarily.

Call the pros for high-quality air conditioning repair service if you seem to have trouble fixing your thermostat.


The residential duct system Fort Lauderdale may not be something you think about when it comes to your AC, but it plays a major role in how efficiently your equipment operates. Any holes or tears in the ductwork can allow cold air to escape and warm air to enter, resulting in uneven cooling in your home.

To check if you have any air leaks in your ductwork, you should take a look around the seams and connections. If any holes or tears are found, they should be sealed with metal tape or mastic sealant.

If you cannot find any leaks, it might be best to call an HVAC company for professional service and maintenance. They can inspect your ducts and provide quality air conditioning repair service Fort Lauderdale if needed.

Air Filters

The air filters of your AC are one of the most important parts for maintaining efficient and effective operation. These filters service your unit by removing dust, dirt, and other allergens from the air inside your home, so they should receive maintenance regularly.

If you haven’t replaced your air filter in the last few months, then it’s most likely clogged up with dirt and dust. This can cause your AC Fort Lauderdale to work harder and use more energy than necessary, increasing your electricity bills.

Make sure to replace or clean the air filters of your new unit regularly for efficient AC operation.

Air Conditioning System Refrigerant

The refrigerant is an important part of the residential AC unit that ensures it works properly and efficiently. If there isn’t enough refrigerant, then your AC won’t be able to cool your home properly. On the other hand, if there’s too much refrigerant, then it can cause the compressor to overheat and eventually burn out.

If you suspect your AC isn’t cooling properly due to a low refrigerant level, then you should schedule a service with expert technicians for reliable AC repair service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Call ACTL Group for Top-Quality Air Conditioning Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Keeping up with regular air conditioning repair service can extend its lifespan while improving its efficiency so that you get optimal performance at minimal cost! By understanding which components commonly of your systems require repair or replacement, you can better prepare yourself for any unexpected issues to ensure things are operated smoothly!

If you need reliable and high-quality residential air conditioning installation or repair service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida then you should contact our team at ACTL Group. Our experienced technicians can inspect your system for potential issues and ensure it is operated correctly and efficiently.

We have many services all at a fair price, and we offer a free estimate on a new equipment installation in FL. Our team will get your AC repaired with good service, and if you need a new air conditioner installation or maintenance, we can help too.

Don’t wait until the summer months hit to get your air conditioning systems serviced. Dial 786-833-6886 today to schedule and experience our professional air conditioning service Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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