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Your A/C is one of the most important components of your business, and it’s important to keep it running smoothly all year long. That’s why our team at ACTL Group offers the best quality A/C maintenance Hialeah, FL.

We’ll come to your office space and thoroughly inspect your A/C unit, ensuring that it’s running properly and efficiently. Plus, we service all makes and models of air conditioners, and we’re equipped with the knowledge to maintain your system.

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AC Maintenance Hialeah

Maintenance Tips for an Efficient Summer

Maintaining your A/C unit regularly will ensure that it continues to work properly and can also extend its lifespan. In fact, studies have shown that regular A/C maintenance Hialeah, FL can increase the lifespan of your A/C unit by up to 95%.

Don’t wait until your A/C unit breaks down to get it fixed – by then, it’s usually too late. Our team at ACTL Group can help you get ahead of any potential problems with our best quality A/C maintenance.

Here are the five maintenance tips for an efficient summer:

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The first thing on your list of A/C maintenance Hialeah, FL should be cleaning the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is exposed to the elements so that it can get dirty over time. You should remove any debris, such as leaves and twigs, that have accumulated on the unit. You can use a garden hose to rinse off the unit, but make sure you don’t use a pressure washer, as this can damage the unit.

Clean the Indoor Unit

The indoor unit can also get dirty over time, so you should vacuum it out with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. You should also clean the filter, as a dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of your A/C unit. You should always stay on top of your A/C maintenance Hialeah, FL, and clean the unit regularly.

Change the Filter

As we mentioned, you should change the filter regularly to keep your A/C unit running efficiently. How often you need to change the filter will depend on the type of filter you have and how much you use your A/C unit. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should change your filter every three months.

Check the Coolant Levels

If your A/C unit is low on refrigerant, it will have to work harder to cool your business space, leading to higher energy bills. You should check the coolant levels every year and add more coolant if necessary. This task for A/C maintenance Hialeah, FL is best left to the hands of the experts for better results.

Have Your A/C Unit Serviced by a Professional

Finally, you should have your A/C unit serviced by a professional at least once a year. A professional can clean the unit and check for any potential problems. If you live in an area with high humidity, you may need to have your unit serviced more often. They can also provides the best recommendations on A/C maintenance tasks you can do yourself. It will help you keep your system running with better performance and efficiency.

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ACTL Group offers the best quality A/C maintenance Hialeah, FL that can help increase the efficiency of your A/C unit. Our team of experts has years of experience servicing air conditioners and will be able to identify any potential problems.

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