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Best Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Hialeah, FL

Owning or operating a business in the Hialeah, FL region means you understand how important it is to have an A/C system that functions correctly and meets the specific needs of the space it is being used. You should also know that the A/C system needs to be custom designed for your building – another benefit of hiring a commercial HVAC contractor.

Whenever you need commercial air conditioning installation in Hialeah, FL, we at ATCL Group are the people to call. With our top-rated commercial A/C installation, repair services, and maintenance programs, we are the #1 choice for your commercial air conditioning needs in Hialeah, FL.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Hialeah

A Professional Guide to Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Planning to upgrade your commercial A/C system? Are you building a new commercial facility and unsure about its air conditioning needs? You should learn a few installation essentials before investing in a new commercial air conditioning installation in Hialeah, FL.  

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Identify Load Capacity

Your contractor must first calculate the load capacity of the commercial A/C system. The size of the unit you require depends on the building’s size and layout and interior and exterior temperature considerations, such as heat-generating equipment and the building’s orientation.

Select the Right Air Conditioning System

Commercial A/C systems come in many varieties. You can pick a classic air conditioner with ductwork, a single split system, or another choice. Also, a commercial HVAC professional can advise you based on your establishment’s cooling requirements.

Choose an Area for The Condenser

Any type of A/C system requires a condenser. Depending on your space, you may want to place the condenser in an attic, on the roof, on a window ledge, or elsewhere. If you’re switching to a ductless system or getting a new commercial air conditioning installation in Hialeah, FL, you’ll also need to select where the vents and interior air handling units will go.

Evaluate Existing Ductwork

When replacing a commercial air conditioner, your contractor must also inspect the ductwork. Your energy expenses might increase by 20% if your ducts are old and inefficient. A professional can tell you if you need to clean, repair, or modify your ducting. In some circumstances, specialized ducting is required, or a ductless system is preferred.

Consider Your Budget 

When installing a new commercial A/C system, always consider your budget. Then compare those costs against the potential savings associated with investing in a more efficient A/C system.

Get quotes for different systems and discuss your budget with your contractor if you’ve already settled on a new commercial A/C system. Ask your HVAC contractor about special offers or low-interest loans to save money.

Create Zones

You may establish zones in your business facility using a ductless A/C system. The arrangement of your structure may indicate zones. For example, each level may be a zone. If your building generates a lot of heat, you may need to create zones depending on that.

Prepare an Installation Plan

Once you’ve chosen the best commercial A/C system for your building’s needs and budget, you can work with your contractor to schedule a commercial air conditioning installation in Hialeah, FL. A contractor can quickly connect new A/C equipment to existing ducting without affecting your company using a ducted system.

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With highly-trained and certified technicians and an impeccable track record of success, ATCL Group is the leading commercial A/C installation contractor in Hialeah, FL. Providing you with high-quality, quiet, dependable systems is what we do best.

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