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Air Purification in the A/C

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One of the essential functions of the A/C is to offer you purified air. In essence, the A/C should be able to clean out the murky dump smells in a room by replacing the air with fast-moving air, often provided by the fans and the duct system. The purification of air by the A/C is done in a number of ways. These include; using the fan mode on the A/C, resetting the A/C compressor, and resetting the A/C filter. Generally, the A/C is highly mechanical. This implies that you will likely have to adjust the necessary settings right in order to get the A/C to perform as optimally as possible. Generally, depending on the size of the room, you may want more fans and air ducts. However, unless you get the air conditioner operating optimally, you may not get the right amount of purified air

  1. Using the fan mode on A/C

The major role of the fan is to suck up the air in the room and get it out through the vents. As dirty air leaves the room, clean air enters the room to replace it. The fan mode in the A/C ensures that all fans are actively involved in the air purification process.

When using the fan mode, you need to be careful not to spin the fans too fast for long, lest you end up with a cold room instead. You need the right amount of fan speed to get the air into the return registers.

  • Resetting the A/C compressor

The compressor is probably the most complicated part of the A/C. this is because; it is the power supply that ensures that the refrigerant is converted from a gas to a liquid and essentially pumped into the condenser.

Setting the compressor wrong implies that a good portion of the refrigerant is lost in the compression process. Similarly, the refrigerant is not able to purify the air unless under the right temperature and pressure.

Temperature and pressure have a lot in common when it comes to the compressor. You thus need to check the instructions on how to use the A/C compressor so as to eventually get this right.

  • Resetting the A/C filter

The importance of the filters in the Air Conditioning unit cannot be overstated. They offer the ventilation spaces from which air leaves or enters the room. You may, at times, want to have more or less air, depending on the stuffiness of the room.

The process of resetting your air filters is quite simple, as there are knobs to turn, which then set the exact amount of air you want to let in or get out.

Setting the filters right ensures that you do not suffocate in the heat or even get exposed to too much cold while using the air conditioning system. From time to time, you may have to leave the A/C on during the night, hence the need to ensure that the air filters are opened to the right amount of space and size.


Air purification is crucial for the air conditioner. Indeed, it is practically the only role the A/C plays when the temperatures are just right. Indeed, air purification is a vital part of the air conditioning system. If not well adjusted, the controls on the A/C can lead to a situation of clogged air vents and an uncomfortable state of the living area. It is thus critical to always purify the air, and this can be done only by setting the fans right, the filters right, and the compressor as well.  

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